Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Planning

(The usual honeymoon is a bit different than what I wanted soooooo.....)

Planning the weekend honeymoon: I didn't get alot of days off from work, nor did H2B because I only told my work, well, when I told ya'll, so H2B & I have two days. A weekend. Not ON the weekend, weekend, by Omani standards, but...
And neither of us are big on organized tourist camping, unless we are the ones showing around the tourists (which we do enjoy). So to-do list for packing on top of all the other things one USUALLY crams into the 4x4 for camping. I really do own all this stuff for camping but RARELY pack it all:

  • one tent (part of my rather traditional maher request)

  • one mattress for the tent (a REAL mattress)

  • one wedding blanket and one white sheet

  • two pillow cases with pillows

  • one laundry hamper for the bride's clothes also used as a table in the tent

  • one traditional majlis couch with musada (cushions) for the inside of the tent

  • one persian carpet

  • one mosquitoe net

  • two traditional lanterns lit by candles (of course candles and matches)

  • two woven cushions for sitting around the fire outside

  • traditional picnic blanket

  • a grill and coal for the grill

  • rope for hanging clothes to dry (every time I use a bush I get bit by something or a thorn in my thumb)

  • one coffee dala (pot)

  • one basket of dates

  • one pot for boiling coffee

  • one grill for meat

  • coal for the fire

  • sajadah for praying (sajadah are prayer mats)

  • bowl for water for washing

  • face cloths

  • fresh towels

  • extra palm mats

  • coleman lamps

  • sheet to hang for privacy

  • cooler

  • food

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