Saturday, October 23, 2010

QUOTE OF THE DAY: it has to do with hand chopping & Muscat Confidential so it's a must-read

"...In Islam, we'd cut off his hand."
"In Oman, we make him retire with benefits, then hire him back on as a consultant."
Me and a friend (who happens to be the son of an Imam/religious scholar) were having a conversation around the time that the illustrious [not to all my friends though lol, I am the traitor yes] Muscat Confidential wrote this post
From Muscat Confidential:

OK. I'm back. Pretty busy, but lets start off with a great story in Times of Oman (yes, really). Finally the well known story of the Muscat Municipality Finance guy who was busted forging cheques to himself has hit the papers.

I find it still a bit strange that Omani custom and defamation law means its not allowed to publicly name people after they have been found guilty of a crime (or in this case, admitted it). "It would bring shame on the family". Well, maybe it should? Perhaps if people knew that their father would be scorned at the mosque on Friday they would be less inclined to defraud the people of US$3.35 million? Or of committing any crime? Still, progress.

My friend and I were discussing Islam and culture, how Oman isn't an Islamic country and somehow this post came to my head, as we were talking about how a strong punishment is a good detrerrent for a crime, ie how chopping of the hand of a thief is a way to make less people steal. This was in the context of us talking about a crappy law in my country that made the death of a family member of mine by a drunk driver a no jail-time, no loss of lisence, and a measily 30 rial traffic fine. Which the drunk-manslaughterer bragged about.
My friend was like, harsher fines lik the 7000 rial average in Oman, would result in less drunk drivers. I agreed. But then I brought up up MC's Ministry of Manpower embezzlment story.
Omani friend laughed. We'll call him The Imam's Son. Thus I bring to you our quote of the day:
OPNO: "You know, in Islam, we'd cut off that guy's hand for stealing? And you and I are both cool with that. 3.35 million is something you can't steal without meaning to. It's not like he can say he's a klepto as a defense. Klepto's steal pens, and the office stapler, not 3.35 million. 3.35 million is a machine to save 100s of lives in a hospital. It is checking against abuse of illegal immigrants, less rapes, workers with visas. You can call me a beast, but I am a patriotic Muslim. In Islam, we'd cut off his hand."
The Imam's Son: [with a derisive laugh] "In Oman, we make him retire with benefits, then hire him back on as a consultant."

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