Monday, October 11, 2010

Nothing to do with Oman but...

I am kind of not daring when it comes to accessorizing with shoes and bags unless I go super super cheap. I am talking about 6 RO for a pair of shoes or for a bag (then I can be brave since it is almost chuck away anyway). I am really not. I like classic. Like, I can buy it and wear it for 100 years. Because I hate shoe shopping and purse shopping. I like fabric, I like shirts, dresses, skirts, abayas, ect... but not shoes and bags. Weird for a woman in the GCC, I know.I like lipstick and creamsicle coloured Birken bags.:D

When I find a pair of sandals I like in Oman I wear them until they talk to me, then, I hold them a funeral and bury them and mourn them and wish I'd bought every pair.
If it fits, buy it in every colour they say. I agree. So with bags, I am a snob. I like only one certain style, and quality. I'll carry a look alike. I am not about flash. But it has to be stylish in a classic way, and quality. I prefer it not be logo-ed and branded-the-hell out though.
I litterally was that little girl in the pic. Courtesy of grand ma ma, I had Chanel bags at birth. Not because we were rich, it is a French thing. Save and invest in quality and pieces that don't go out. only one thing that is showstopping and of the moment required to mix with the rest. It is actually MORE affordable in the long run. And Grand ma ma's Chanel lasted 3 generations before it had to be replaced, so how is that for long wear? I love Chanel 2.55 and round quilted leather the same. (Centerpoint had a decent quality look alike in lavendar not so long ago believe it or not).
I love over-size satiny Dior lady bags. Baby pink, powder blue, and black, classic Dior ****.

Louis Vuitton for carry-on.

Yes, so, contrary to Omani culture, I do not own a hundred different coloured shoes and handbags.

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