Saturday, October 9, 2010

OPNO... & Omani Girls love... B+F in Shatti Al Qurum

OPNO... & Omani Girls love... B+F in Shatti Al Qurum. Located in the Bareeq Al Shatti complex/mall, all the girls I know crave B+F slider burgers and dynamite fries. B+F stands for burgers and fries.
OPNO was always one of the guys for so long that the sliders are just not enough for her, so she gets full, but sliders seem to be perfect for nervous brides-to-be and busy Muscati career girls. Am so sorry ma shebab, lol, but I was never a fan of McDonalds. I still love schwarma and mandhi though;D
On the weekend (Wednesay, Thursday, and Friday night) the joint is totally packed and they don't take reservations so show up early to claim a table and then they'll phone your mobile when it is ready. To phone THEM Telephone: 2469 8836.

And for more of B+F and a better food review (I am picky and so no foody) try Blu-Chi's awesome page

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