Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Looking at the calm, almost glass-like surface of Oman's coastal waters, it is hard to envision a thriving surf culture.I mean, besides the idiots that surfed out hurricane (Gonu) in Masirah Island surf, ha ha ha.
Well, for a Westcoast girl like me (California, a theme song running through the brain), I sought out the Empty Quarter sand-dunes as a tween with the help of a Jordanian and we "surfed" down the waves of gold/red sand. It was absolutely miserable hiking to the top of those things in the heat for a short thrill but still... it was something to do.
And while the waves kind of suck here Oman (by my terribly suicidal standards), surfing is still possible in Salalah in season, and Masirah, and a few other places. This site documents surf conditions and wave heights if you are at all interested:

If anyone else in Oman surfs and knows where to buy boards and equipment here (or UAE) and has any great spots, let me know here, via the comments box. Jazaks (thanks).
And a common question from expats, HOW INDEED does an Omani girl intend to surf in THAT GET-up?????? Answered via this blog:
And yes, one DOES get alot of stares at the Oman Dive Center when they come dressed as I tend to dress;). But alot of smile too. :)

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