Monday, October 4, 2010

Cant sleep

My it is late. I can not sleep and have a good reason, but putting that aside I feel like washing my hole linen set so it feels all fresh and may help me sleep. The only downside to this sleep aid plan is that is it likely to take 4+ hours which gives me little time to prepare for class. So my secondary option is to have a nice worm shower but now that I have it in my mind that I want to do a wash at 2:53 am I will end up sleeping in wet hair and then have to have a shower when I wake from the feeling that I should have washed my linens before going to sleep, with the result of wet hair for 24h almost. I for one do not get dry hair when in hijab. I just get damp hair that ends up never feeling clean. Also taking into consideration that the weather patterns have shifted and its flu season, it would be unwise to put myself at grater risk with sleeping with wet hair. So what to do? ..... Use my cat as a pillow? yes. There we have it. My grand plan, with only a slight chance of vengeful cat. Night all.

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