Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hats with Hijab: OPNO and her girls love it

Y [other Y] called me a hippy, and refused to be seen with OPNO, but I love hats with hijab. On the weekend the girls and OPNO all donned one of Y's fedoras for our adventure trek out to Nakhl (yes, with our abayas) and we totally looked so cool. Mainly because at the beach we were wearing our burkinis (Islamic swimsuits) and the caps from those make women look like giant floral teletubbies, so throwing on the hat and par of sunglasses, made us look insta- french riviera. And even going out into the more conservative interior and stopping for mendhi, no one seemed to think we were that odd. In a group, it looked cool.KH [to OPNO]: I remember when you used to wear hats.

OPNO [over a year ago]: Uh huh. I was famous for wearing a hat? That, AND having NO hair. [KH does not change expression] Hats: That's what we do in my city. Ladies still wear hats to church on sundays. We idolized Scarlet O'Hara.

KH [who has NO IDEA who Scarlet O'Hara might be]: I liked that. It was something special about you.

OPNO: And now I look just like everybody else?

KH: [honest] You look... less like you.

OPNO: Fashion advice from KH, who thinks flip flops are stylin' and that you can buy Prada in Seeb. [LOLs].

But OPNO now realizes KH was right. There are parts of her culture that made her part of who she is, and she shouldn't give that up.To the expats out there, do you like the scarf with hijab look?

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