Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cooking with the Shebab

Boxie might remember this one;p :

KH: "I cook."

OPNO: [raises one skeptical eyebrow] "You have a maid. Omani WOMEN don't even cook all that often when they have a maid."

KH: "I can make eggs with tomatoe."

OPNO and Boxie [look at eachother, like, this could be interesting]. KH continues to boil water and throws in three eggs. He boils them. He readies three paper plates. He puts one egg on each plate. He then slices a tomatoe into three chunks.

Tomatoe with eggs.

OPNO and Boxie roll their eyes at their crappy lunch with disdain.

OPNO [to KH]: "I thought you meant like an omlette with tomatoes."
Boxie: "You can't cook. You can boil water."

KH eats his crappy lunch as if it were tea at Al Bustan and smiles: "Tomatoe with egg."

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