Friday, October 22, 2010

Good Part-time Business Idea: lol, please don't ACTUALLY DO THIS

B is not talking to us anymore. B is one of our Shebab. I am not supposed to be talking to him anyway, since I've been being a good girl, and I wasn't but...

B said he would phone Z back after Z changed her phone (Z and I are one of the boys you see, though OPNO is not one of the boys to ALL of the boys since OPNO is too bloody feminine and guys in Oman are such idiots excepting a very select few) but he didn't.

B is not talking to Z because B is one such idiot, and Z can't control her laughing whenever she tries to talk to him since she pulled the most awesome prank on him the other night. Z's brother M played the exact same prank on B only a month ago, so this time it is hilarious.

Z recently changed her SIM card so when she texted B (a relative of her's) a message he didn't recognize the number and she could tell that from his response to her Arabic "hey, how are you?"

So she decided to be a naughty brat and texted him back like she was a girl. She pretended she was a Philipino girl and asked B if he was married.

He said no.

B is. B has four children.

Z yells for M to come read the message.

Z, M, & OPNO shake their heads together. M suggests asking B to send a picture of himself to the ficticious Philipina chica that is actually Z&M messing with B. B does. Z asks M if she can send the picture to B's wife. M says no. Z is only joking. Then Z, who is low on credit, asks B to send her credit so she can phone him.

B sends her credit.

Z and M phone B and laugh their faces off at him.

B is ashamed and hangs up.

Yes, this is what bored Omani girls and guys do to mess with their friends.

M informs us, that he has an Omani guy friend who is quite rich, always has cash in the bank and phone credit.

Apparently this guy can imitate a girl's voice so well that he never has had to pay his cellphone bill in his life, and never runs out of cash for the weekends.

A pretty good business idea B, huh? LMAO.

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