Monday, October 25, 2010

Renting Traditional Omani Women's Dress in Muscat

In case you are, like myself, a bride without time for a tailor, and you do want to wear traditional Omani dress for a wedding (or as a guest for an Omani henna party or wedding), upstairs in CCC in Al Qurum there is a shop straight down from the Bukhoor (insence) shop over the gold domed whatever it is below, that sells and rents rather gorgeous Oman traditional dresses. Rental prices range from 40-250 Omani rials for 5 days time. Go at least 3-4 days time before to get the rental dress tailored to your figure. They also rent gold and silver plated traditional jewelry, and accessories, like designer birqas (I am going to buy some of these as they sell made to order as well----AmAZING souvenir and pretty when framed).

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