Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summertime, and WASH YOUR CARS!!!!!!!!!

All this talk of heartbreak and laws, ughhhh. Enough until the poll expires. I promise some nice happy posts about places to go and see.

Until then, fun fact: Did you know it is illegal in Muscat to have a dirty car?

I am serrious, that IS a real law. No wonder everyone has such clean cars:D
Happy beginning of summer everyone, lol, isn't that an ironic thing to say in Oman????????? BTW, doesn't Sophia Loren look so gorg in her headscarf?????? Just saying, expat lady like myself who seemed soooooooooo upset that I had converted to Islam without any good reason (you didn't even marry a rich Omani????!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOL: XD, ahhhh, shopping at Carrefoure).

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