Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting Things Done in Oman pt. II

OPNO [to M via text message]: "Soooooooooo.... the car STILL isn't fixed yet, huh Babe?"

M [to OPNO via text]: "no is not. am so mad. 'so what ur plans fer tomrrow Hayati?"

OPNO [to M via text message]: "This is Oman. They said by LAST Saturday? They mean NEXT Saturday. LOL, we better plan on walking."

M [to OPNO via text message]: "no majnoona not walk. I will have the car."
Hmmmmmmmm, M, we shall see. If you win (believing in the honor of mechanics who are probably friends of your brothers or cousins) I will buy dinner. If I win (doubting on any 'finish time' set here in Oman, pessimist that I am, YOU can buy me my fave cheap dish. Agreed?
And if you are NOT M (who has no idea I blog about our conversations) and want to know, what the hell I am talking about, see this post for part I of the 4x4 fixing saga.

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