Wednesday, July 14, 2010

modern islamic clothing designs | jilbab fashions

modern islamic clothing

MODERN ISLAMIC CLOTHING FASHIONS : ARTIZARA One of my goals is to create my own line of Islamic clothing in the future, inshallah. I love the behind-the-scenes side of fashion just as much as I love the clothes, so last week I caught up with Helen of to find out more about their modern Islamic

islamic clothing jilbab fashions

Islamic Clothing ini terbuat dari bahan printing sifon yoryu dikombinasikan dengan bahan linen berkualitas. Bentuk plui di bagian bawah mempercantik tunik ini. Islamic Clothing ini dapat dipakai ke acara formal.
Bahan yang dipergunakan Islamic Clothing ini tidak panas, dan tidak transparan karena full puring.

islamic clothing jilbab

islamic clothing designs

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