Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making a List for the Person/(s) "Audrey" is based loosely on

Dearest Audrey,

I am making a list of reasons why you should come back to Oman. As follows:

1.) You spell like an Omani. In our country your spelling of the word "great" as "grate" holds you back from having a successful desk job. Here, it is actually an assett, since your boss [who was APPARENTLY educated in the UK] won't get mad when you try to tell him why writing that "the clients were boring is not the same as the clients were bored" on your presentation notes.

2.) You make minimum wage in our country. You make minimum wage here. But rent and food are cheaper here.

3.) You like shua. Yeah, we don't even have shcwarma back home sooooo...

4.) You look like a local here. Back home people yell at you to "go back to your country!"

5.) You can't drive [Khaleel is with me on this one and he's not exactly the greatest driver himself] but at least here, that is socially accepted as us "women are supposed to be lazy and spoiled children coddled and driven about on a whim" lol.

6.) I, Anna, miss you very much. Come home.

Ammendment due to your offense and exclaimation of "I am not a bad driver": Ok, I allow, if you are using Khaleel and Masoud as the standards by which we measure good drivers, I will agree to that;p


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