Friday, July 16, 2010

"Bringing up Baby"

Fun fact as to why my post is called as it is: "Bringing up baby" is an old movie title (black and white, Carey Grant and Catherine Hepburn) where a leopard named 'baby' figures greatly. It is one of my sister's fave movies and I like when Carey Grant is singing to get the leopard off the roof. Yeahhhhh.... okay, so,moving on.

Update: To first 3 comments on my last post: my cat is Omani though expat-reared (you know, the bin cats) she's orange and she has a name already from before but I seem to keep calling her "Baby" and "habibti" . She comes to "Baby" and her old name.

She likes to hide under the breakfast table and darts out madly after her toys, emerging from the crushed navy velvet and hot pink satin table cloth, a blur or orange to scare my guests. She was very quiet the first day and night but now she has gotten used to me and yowls in a very unlady-like manner LOL :XD.

She also gets very scared when I yell "la!!!! [no]" at her for eating my camping cushions and for dragging my bathroom mats under the kitchen table (also my Ralph Lauren napkins and napkin rings!!!!!!!!! LOL). There, she sits and knaws on them in secret.
When I notice I yell "la!!!!!!!!!!" and she runs for the bathroom where her carrier cage is and then she whip inside and closes the door of the pet-carrier with her tail and is like, "see mama, I will punish my self. I will stay in my room". It is very cute.
She has taken to jumping up on the kitchen counter and I have to train her not to jump on any food-prep or display surfaces.
I also drove up to Qantab on the weekend, which I love and spent time with a very good friend.
My BFF is coming back from Thai today so I am soooooooooooo happy and lil bit excited.
Maybe I'll have some serriously exciting news for ya'll in this section by the end of the month???
LOL, nobody really cares but thopse that know me in IRL but... it is the personal section where they get my coded sentances and the initial thing OPNO likes to use for friends and family (and nasty coworkers).
But they won't know you S, thank you for CB and safe journey inshaAllah. BTW, lol, I thought of something. I want Tylenol Extra Strength. Forget Victoria's Secret, LOL, I hate Panadol and want some real medicine.

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