Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yes, I believe in Natural Selection, AND Allah

For the two Omani dude idiots "drift racing" in my highly populated (with Philipino nannies taking babies out for walks) neighborhood if you crash, I will not say it is just "Allah's will".

If you only hurt yourselves, I will say it also natural selection. Sometimes it works.

K, I am not that cynically hard yet (my sis and I grew up in Oman's underground drifting crowd & I am now reformed and yes, expats, I drive like an Omani, but one that fears her Creator), but don't speed like that on a non-closed track in cars not engineered for your moves and tires with the wrong tread for racing. You aren't as good as you think you are, serriously, MOST OF THE TIME WHAT YOU CALL DRIFTING IS JUST SPINNING OUT!!!!!.

You WILL kill yourself. Or your bestfriend. I speak from experience, there were one too many funerals due to car accidents in our friend-set. Three people died THIS week that I heard of.

Drive reasonably, don't text, don't speed, wear your seatbelt, PUT YOUR CHILDREN IN SEATBELTS!!!!!! Don't think you can do that trick you saw on YOUTUBE: K & A!!!!! Scaring L and me to death if it wasn't so funny that the two of us remembered the pic I have posted above.

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