Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ramadan Is coming. It has been most evident in the mad rush to finish unfinished days of fasting and getting everything in order. Many things have happened in the last few weeks, Much to do with family and life in general. I find myself asking many questions about life and what I want again. I have thought long and hard on many things. Now that the thinking is out of the way I should start putting my mind towards putting my hopes and dreams into action. As part of this is trying to settle my heart again. I have taken to lessening to Quran more often. Inshallah I will learn to recite more. One of my more odd hopes in life has been to become a religious scholar Or philosopher, Only a few problems have stood in my way. 1) I have never been strict enough it seems and or agreed on many of the same interpretations. 2) I suck at arabic. 3) I have a horribly bad memory for names and dates, but like to eat them :) 4) I day dream way to much... 5) I am a procrastinator, But this Ramadan I will change this bad habit. I will slowly change my behaviour for the better in little steps that will last. Im starting now or I never would lol. I have to watch out for the words tomorrow. I wona try and change with all the strength God has given me before these devils are chained. After all these are not the hard parts, keeping up the good habits are, so I need all the help I can get. Things I will work on this Ramadan are:

1) Procrastination.

2) Praying on time.

3) Learning more Quran.

4) More Patience with a 3 people that drive me up the walls.

5) Meditation, my goal is 10 min of relaxing peace

6) Learn more Arabic

Well that is just my little list for now, I am sure I may add to it soon.

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