Monday, July 12, 2010

A Brush With Fame: Can You Match The Celebrities With Their Art?

It's not that unusual that an actor, singer/songwriter or musician is also adept with a paintbrush, after all they are known for exercising their right brain and are considered 'creative' types. But apparently the same holds true for some serial killers, dictators and other notorious figures.

Just for fun, I've posted ten pieces of artwork by the following famous and infamous people; Adolph Hitler, James Dean, Eve Plumb (Jan Brady), Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Sylvester Stallone, John Wayne Gacy, Katharine Hepburn, Tony Bennett, Bill Maher and David Bowie.

See if you can figure out who painted which (answers are at the end). And yes, I know, those of you who are extra savvy will be able to tell by styles, subjects and eras.

1. Portrait Of Billy Gunn

2. Downtown Los Angeles

3. Birds

4. Shelter at Fournes

5. Dedication to 9/11

6. Head IV

7. title unknown

8. Real Patriots Pay US Taxes

9. For He Is Raised

10. Chrome napkin and ketchup

1. actor and legend James Dean 2. singer and artist Tony Bennett 3. serial killer John Wayne Gacy 4. dictator and mass murderer Adolph Hitler 5. actor and artist Sylvester Stallone 6. singer David Bowie 7. actress Katharine Hepburn 8. pundit Bill Maher 9. Dr. Jack Kevorkian 10. actress and artist Eve Plumb (Jan Brady)

Relevant Links:
• Tony Bennett's own website
• Pop Life Art has many celebrity artists and their work
• You can check out the art work of more serial killers here.
• You can purchase some of Sylvester Stallone's paintings here
• some of the images in this post came from the Art Celebs Gallery where works by Bill Maher and Phyllis Diller amongst others are available for purchase
• Actors as Artists is a book authored by actors Jim McMullan and Dick Gautier (Charles E. Tuttle Company, Inc.) that was first published back in 1992.

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