Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quote of the Day: "For the ladies...''

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "If they spent what they spent on weddings..."

Actually this quote of the day is not terribly funny. If it had come from the other Omani guy I know also called "M"it would have been. As from him, it would have been sexist. But this is one of the most decent, thoughtful, and sweetest Omani guys you'll ever meet. So coming from him, it just kinda of rings as fitting.

M: "You know OPNO? If they [Omani women] spent what they spend on weddings on looking good everyday, their husbands wouldn't go out looking for second wives.''

OPNO: "Um, so you don't mind that I totally have not very much make-up on tonight?''

M: [lol's at my insecurity] "You have a child's face OPNO, pretty [grins] so better you don't wear makeup out hmmm. [Seeing my look of, don't be like K and start telling me what to do now to]. And of course you look more beautiful with makeup [he hurries] but.. I'm saying is, they sit in the house and do nothing and then their husband's see them as strangers off to a wedding dressed up for other women, and they come home and take off the pretty clothes and just don't care anymore. Like they are sick all the time. It is our stupid Omani culture [this from the world's proudest Omani]. Islam it says for husband and wife to dress and look nice for eachother. It IS good for the women [he grins...]''

OPNO; ''...In the long run.'' [I finish, knowing well the aversion of Omani women to second wives] [Besides, who in my mind, wouldn't want their husbands attention?].

Btw, before any crazy feminists out there get mad at me for agreeing with M, these aren't busy working women we are talking about. These are have children (but also a maid/nanny) and sit around a talk with other women and eat snacks ladies. I know the women he's talking about. They are my friends too. I love them, I respect their right to be spoiled as Islam says women have this right if they want to, but Islam also says one should try to care for their husband too if you are going to take the ''I don't even have to care for my own children or provide for myself or clean" route of your AMAZING rights in Islam. A husband has rights too, and I know alot of Omani guys use Islamic husband rights as an excuse for underhanded BS like taking SCERET (not of the sunnah and not Islamic) second wives but, it is the right of a husband to have a wife that takes care of herself and dresses up nice for him (and only him) once in a while. Like 3 or four days out of the week? Totally not alot to ask if you can manage it for weddings or your girlfriends and female family members.

I know, I know, M, lol. I am caught between both worlds, the Omani guys, and the Omani girls. It is funny sometimes the side that I take. I'll never forget the mistake I made when I called down the huge gold maher thing in front of all the female relatives with none of ya'll to back me. Hehehehehe. :D

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