Sunday, July 11, 2010

ODE to the old toyota truck

Yes, I know, it was against the law back in the day for us to have owned the above pictured truck. I know it is an Omani-only thing (M, the ROP guy who got it for us back then didn't seem to care much and K, I know the image of my Mother as a crazy Beduoin woman would never have been complete to you if she wasn't zooming around in a truck which in it's previous life had been toting camels). Apparently, Suburban (my fave Oman blogger) from Other Oman wrote this post that now the mulkiya for these old trucks can't be renewed, if you are like us, well, foreigners.

I LOVED that truck. Oman just wouldn't have been Oman without it. What is wrong with a white person driving a pick up truck now really? Why is that un-Omani? Here is my ode to our old truck:


You took us to Nakl, up Jebel Akhdar, that wild flight:
The year Mum was swearing at the Christmas lights.
While they burnt out, cheap Indian imports.
And you took us in reckless sport,
Racing the toothless Beduoin man with his camels
In the back for show, strange looking mammals;
M told us this was your past life-
Before you were gifted to a PDO wife-
We got invited to his nephews wedding;
Where we almost married J off, so jetting,
Cruising down Sultan Qaboos highway
After cutting us brutally off, they gave way
Omani men shocked to see driving manual,
Three ladies with wild hair and suits of Chanel.

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