Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daily Diary: UAE, BLOOD, and ICE

Sorry for the lack of updates. I went off to UAE.

I don't like UAE very much. You can call me prejudiced but I have bad luck ALWAYS. Getting my visa updated?

I obviously am wearing hijab now and my old passport photo is from my country where I didn't use a headscarf. They stare a long time at the photo, even after they are like, mashaAllah, you are a Muslim. Longer than is polite, obviously. The only time this doesn't happen is when K or M take me. If you have an Omani male with you (I know female and male M & Ks, ha!) Emirati guys tend to not even look at the picture at all. But if you are by yourself.....

Then the Emirati man doing it is always like, why are you not staying in UAE? Stay in UAE, live in UAE. I am like, uh, I like Muscat. Then he's like, where do you live in Muscat?

As if it is any of his business... I lie and name a village in the middle of nowhere. I hope he comes to visit me there, ha!

I go to the Oman office for my visa with a peice of documentation from the Emirati side and the Emirati guy's phone number is on it. It kinda makes me mad.

It would make M or K mad, ha ha ha, Sweet Salalah, my Shebabs:D

Y, you said you would take me! Instead, the lure of coffee and rain atop Jebel Akhdar lured you away from pretending to be my fake husband, or brother, or whatever it is that is most covenient.

Thank you M and H for taking me. I understand the kids didn't have their passports. So I had to do the trek alone. The highway picnic was very yummy and I felt very Omani, having a picnic in the middle of a highway on a bit of manicured highway lawn LOL.

Later that night I got home, was going to go to bed, and suddenly couldn't breathe, I was choking on blood. I had my little emergancy, and people of Oman, YOU HAVE TO DONATE BLOOD!!!!!!! Please!

I am all better now, it was kinda a freak thing, maybe to do with the weather change in the atmosphere (it was raining), a kinda stressful long journey, too much AC, and one of my Omani friends convinced it was the evil eye.

I need to catch up with the other OPNO girls so that I can write about actually interesting events in Oman ya'll can participate in and enjoy.

Feeling much better and disobeying doctors (and Sweet Salalah's) orders not to leave my bed or go out or to work, I went skating with M's friend M. Who assured me they would try to skate and then blamed their skin tone on not being able to skate. I will send them Suraya Bonaly's ice dancing vids to change their minds. Jamaica had a bobsled team afterall. M, we will watch that movie when M is back from Thai, I promise.

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