Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Broken Hearts in Oman

You don't exactly SEE adds like this one posted on the board outside Al Fair... but I hear enough to say, c'mon ladies (and my fellas): the one that is worth your tears isn't the one who will ever do anything intentionally that they know will make you cry.
For all the men and women out here in Oman playing games:

You should never break someone's heart. It is a great sin indeed, because the human heart belongs only to Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala, who loves His Creation, and wants for them love that is pure of selfishness.

from Hadith qudsi:
“I am with those whose hearts are broken for my sake.” (At haf 6/290)

Recipe to prevent a broken heart from one OmaniPrincess:

Love doesn't make you, though it can break you, so don't make it into some kind of idol you bow down for or make sacrifices to. Never make a man or a woman your everything, because no person is forever. If they leave or are taken from you, there goes your everything.

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