Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Ideas for Decorating Your Balcony for Oman

How PRETTY is THIS rooftop layout???????? This is my basic idea for my villa, only, I have to of course build ply-wood rubber bottomed (old car tires) stage-platform painted prettily for my rooftop cuz of its lovely shotty electrical wire running everywhere but on the balcony (and I wanna sit facing the ocean veiw, not against it). I discovered this is the reason why alot of people don't make use of their rooftop spaces lol.
Lovely picnic I iea for a big party. And soooooooooooo easy to do.
I am going to make big table candles like those out of traditional Omani clay pots from Nizwa. And I love the colour 'mint'.
Do I want an outdoor fountain?????
This space reminds me of my Aunties ' house in the country of my passport issue
Cut-outs, cute idea of those modern string curtains.
Hang a sheet canopy and voila! The space instantly looks more liveable. Use old sheets. Sooooooooo cheap and easy.
Wicker laundry hanger (so cheap) with a nice tray on it, makes an amazing coffee table and all you need is lawn mats and some matching pillows for a very grown up outdoors lounging space.
Mmmmm, melon. Yes, that IS the first thing I notice about the above room pictured.
Pictures 'stolen' from Alkemie's awesome interior design blog. I follow her, so you can always click on her link.

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