Sunday, June 6, 2010

In Loving Memory Of...

An ROP officer died on duty while trying to save a family in the middle of a wadi in al7oqain.

May Allah grant his soul mercy and give him Jannah, ameen, and make this time easy on his family.
I think this very well could have been one of our brothers or husbands or fathers or friends and remember to be thankful for what I have been given in this life.For any of you who want to help out the victims of Phet, (some have lost their households), Dar Alataa should be contacted and supported:

They are looking for----

"We are supporting the far places like wadi Al Taieen and ja’alan and waiting for the rout to Sur and Quraiat to clear up. So if anyone is willing to help, Dar Alataa is arranging trips with large trucks carrying (Food,water, mattresses… etc) and they need people escorting them with 4x4 cars. For people who can’t go far, they can donate money, food, water…Basically anything that will help the effected people. Just contact dar alataa." ----

To contact Dar Alataa: 24692996

Thank you.

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