Monday, June 7, 2010

Traditional Dress of Al Sharqiyah Region

The thawb falling to below knee length is made from various types of silk material and the sleeves are embroidered in silver and silken thread. Over the thawb is worn the gab'a, a long loose fitting cloak traditionally made of black cotton tulle although other colours are now found. The gab 'a has a vertical rectangle embroidered on the front located between the neckline and the waist which is known as the khidma. The embroidered square in the middle of the back is called the mansouba. The pantaloons (al-basta) are distinctly narrow in the lower part and generally made from black cloth with narrow silver stripes with lower hems embroidered in silver thread.Shader al-tarh. This is a long rectangle of cloth sufficient to cover the woman completely, usually made of crimson silk and woven with stripes of silver thread. It is worn over the head and wrapped around the person as a cloak when leaving the house.

Heavy gold jewellery is worn on the head, neck, arms, and feet, with a ring on every finger, each one having a separate name.

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