Saturday, June 12, 2010

Closets, Home Offices in Closets, and Organizational Design Ideas

Very few of us manage to organize our closets, hall entries, home offices, and vanties, with the elegant and exacting principles of, say, heiress and bussiness-woman Aerin Lauder. Nor do we have the resources (and interior designer) of Mariah Carey, to make our home look like a boutique store. ***Her's kinda reminds me of a lingerie store back in my country, hehehe.If we are lucky, we manage as well as the fictional character Carey Bradshaw:On the art of designing your closet space, here are a few tips: For closets, organize by clothing type, ie blouses with blouses, evening dresses with evening dresses (abayas with abayas). *** all your hanging items? Iron before hanging, that way things are ready to go so you only ever have to iron when you do laundry---which for me is about once a month hehehe***i have a lot of clothes....
Hang in a colour-courdinated manner, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Grey, Black, Beige, White. Khalas? Okay, then from her, hang shortest to longest.
I personally have a thing for classic wooden hangers, and all of them the same, but the cute pink and black ones from Nicky Hilton's closet are kinda a cute idea to for those without the budget.
As in any bathroom or kitchen space, unique wall paper, a chanedlier, and statement flower piece dress the space up.
I love the faux-fur rug in this little glam closet!!!!! Shoes should be facing out, OR put into shoe boxes (paint all the same colour for an elegant look or line with wrapping paper to create your own stylish organizers) and take photos of all shoes and glue onto the outside of the boxes. Also, written descriptions, and labels look chic. Either that or a hanging rack.
Even if you are a jeans-and-t-shirt-only girl like Eva Longoria, there is no excuse not to have an organized, colour courdinated closet! Sweaters and t-shirts folded neatly and stacked. Ties, belts, and scarves hung on scarf racks. S pot hooks for the kitchen can be used in the bedroom to hang umbrellas and purses.Accessories like necklaces can be hung and rest stored in jewelry boxes. I love the stylish set below: And as seen in these stylish offices, the shoe box storage boxes are so glam and easy....
Of course, in a woman's own closet, despite the organization, a woman's own personality should shine through, with her rug, a seating arrangement, the colours of her hangers, unique accessories brought into the closet...
The wrapping paper room is usually also my closet (cuz I use wrapping paper alot)--- use a cheap towel rack to organize fabrics, ribbons, and papers. A neat trick for scenting your clothing is to press pieces of packages of scented soap between folded sweaters and shirts when they are in the drawers. I love that my scarves smell like apples and undergarments like vanilla, and sweaters like Chanel soap!!! It makes getting dressed such a blissful experience, hehehe.
My final tip for organizing your closet is to organize your outfits for special events and the next day 1-2 nights before. Hang in an easy-to-reach place. ***I pin undergarments to be worn with the outfit to the outfit with scarf pins, and accessories I put in ziplock baggies and pin as well, that way, I don't have to skimp on what I wanted to wear because I was in a rush and couldn't find an integral piece of the outfit!

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