Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Brand of Skin-whitener do I use?: :O000oooooo?

I will never forget washing my hands at the City cinema in Shatti and three Omani girls came up to me and asked me (in Arabic) what brand of skin whitener I used. I got confused (not just the Arabic). I am caucasion. God made me this way. I have never used a skin lightener a day in my life but tried very hard to get a tan once with fake tanner which turned me carrot orange. Go figure.
In my country whiteness is a sign of the working class. It means, you don't exactly get to vacation in St. Barths.

In Oman, it is supposedly a sign of beauty, but many of the girls I've seen cause terrible acne to themselves (plus look trashy) painting on fake white skin cake, or make themselves look like Morticia Adams from the Adams family with greying skin whitener. Yes, Morticia Adams is apparently the paramount of beauty in Oman.
TO ME: Arab and African women look more beautiful with their natural skin tone. I've learned to deal with the fact that I will always look like an English rose and not an exotic Cleopatra with gleaming gold skin. I admire Imaan cosmetics for creating a line for women of colour to learn how to showcase their natural beauty, rather than trying to whiten themselves wear the same American make-up lines as me. All of the women below are a 100x more beautiful than Morticia Adams in their natural tones. So Omani girls, think twice before you grab that white white porceline that is meant for someone as fish white as me. Try to get something within 2 shades of your natural skin tone for flawless finish. And I know Phantom, to you whiter is better, but it is because society brainwashed you lol;p. Beauty has no colour, but is a rainbow. Much love to ya'll. Forgive me for my solid opinion on the matter.

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