Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daily Diary: Event Planner Until Thursday

Since a. I just got my new place, and b. I can’t stand not being able to make anything personal 100% my own (that goes for people as well as rooms lol) OPNO will be a bit of a homebody until the weekend. Sooooooooo my diary entries will probably be pretty dull unless the OPNO girls get together for some fun but c. cuz ‘work’ kinda makes scheduling evenings in Muscat too exhausting for the non-morning ladies. Out of having nothing very much to do and no time to go anywhere, my projects for this up-coming week as follows:

Project number one: transforming my headboard.
I am a. too cheap and lazy to get it reupholstered as I had planned to (at a later date maybe?). [Wadi Adai and down the road with Raffa hospital after the Ghubrah round about? These are the places for reupholstery in case you didn’t know]. All the gorgeous fabric C bought for making her bedroom movie star glamorous will be put to use at a later date. I have a project in mind for the hot pink silk satin, smoky blue taffeta and navy sheer cut-floral-velvet, don't you worry Miss C! I am going to hand paint with fabric paint the headboard, and trim it with turquoise satin piping, as well as matching buttons. The two main matching pillows will be piped in the same, and the buttons at the ends made to match. With the same color of fabric paint I will make two monogrammed pillow shams and pipe them. All I have to do after this is make matching curtains for the room but that’ll get done later. And buy a green throw, when I find one. My bed will be so glam and lovely if it works in IRL the way it does in my mind. Project cost: 4 rials for the ribbon piping, 1.00 RO for the paint.

Project number two: making napkin rings & centerpiece.
I intend to buy turquoise fabric to make a table cloth out of at a later date and save for a set of four ghost chairs from Centerpoint. For now, I am being cheap. Hot pink sateen ribbon from Lulu? 0.300 bz. Matching thread? 0.200 bz. Stick of plastic fake orchid? 0.700 bz (nicer ones at Centerpoint). I will sew the ribbon into a circle big enough to stuff a rolled white linen napkin in, and then sew the fake orchid on it. Voila, with my dishes it looks haute haute haute. The leftover tip of the fake orchid flower goes into an existing vase I found in the apartment. I kinda almost finished this last night but got lazy.

Project number three: making two coffee tables out of rescued Islamic art mouldings.
Miss C saved two gorgeous pieces of carved mouldings from the bin. She always intended to paint them, put glass tops on, and mount them for tables. I will. What I need still is to find candle holders in sets of four (all the same height) cheap enough and then affix them to the bottom four corners of the mouldings. Then paint. Since I use trays for service, glass tops would be unnecessary for me but maybe someday I’d take it to get done?????? LOL, probably not. Friends that know me knew I’d rather cut up a 300 RO readymade garment from off the rack at home a stitch it a little less than perfect than take it to the tailor hehehe cuz I am THAT lazy/industrious;p. with candle holders as the legs it'd have a style similiar to above picture but different top.

Project number 4: make cute storage boxes and organize shelves and villa hallway.

All of Miss C’s abandoned shoe boxes (since you bought the same pair of black sandals fifty times over:p) are the same size and shape. So if I line the outsides of them with posh [but terribly cheap] wrapping paper they’ll look quite elegant for organizing everything in the house. Which I MUST also do. The large moving boxes, I’ve kept four, will also be wrapped, to store my recently inherited camping and hiking gear. Cuz it doesn’t look cute just leaning on the outsides of the villa hall. Wrapped, and stacked biggest to smallest with a cute potted plant or some other knic-nac sitting on top they'll look cute. Not messy.
More to come but that is all I am going write now.

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