Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Breakfast Nooks part 1

My flat's dining space is limited to a breakfast nook (though I did discover neat ways to display my linens, flatware and china) so I am coming up with concepts to make the space look bigger.
My kind friends CLAIM I succeeded in this already but what do they know, er hmmm, the one who wears sweats to meet the Sheikh in Bahrain???!!!! and then claims they'd rather have coffee from my hand than royalty's? Such a genuine and guileless personage is not capable of giving me a sophisticated opinion lol, love you M. [BTW, I may like sophisticated surroundings, but I have found that I prefer simple people. Sophisticated people only insult others intentionally, and I prefer those whose insults are accidental and uninformed.]

One such concept is to hang a Venetian mirror behind the table.

But I am a lazy maid and mirrors have to be polished to a gleaming sheen to look posh unless you are in a crumbling old Venetian villa sloughing off into the sea:). In that case, I like having a smoky grey cloud of dust and cobwebs on everything, but it REALLY doesn’t work with my space. So we’ll see how good I think I will be at being a housekeeper. I’ve succeeded with ironing and doing dishes thus far.

I kinda want to use a neat centerpiece and bit of wall art behind to make it look even nicer. More inviting. On this one, above, I love the framed art. So easy for me to do. And three neat vases of coloured flowers? Very pretty. Would I do pink orchids or lilac-y purple something-or-other? Something a bit more grown up. Or maybe some modern green leaf arrangement if the colours of the framed art are particularly potent?

The old space was kinda like this one, with a white plastic table (I like damask table cloths) and chalkboard/noteboard behind. It is kinda cute to write the menu on such a board, or an inspiring quote of the day. Y, you would have laughed so hard at night 1's menu: 1 egg, bananas, cherries, 1 can diet 7-up, pasta noodles, pancake mix, salsa LOL:D. I'd mod up the artwork though. Unless I was back in my home country, than rosie florals would do. But not my villa.
Now this space is so girly, it doesn't work for me in my place (I love a bit of a masculine edge to things) but the colours are similar to my space, except I have a deeper green to my turquoise and my lemon is more tortoiseshell green.
I love EVERYTHING about this breakfast nook but the black carpet and crane wood carving. The chalk-Tiffany blue breakfast bench, Regency mirror, flowers on the table, and mod nod trellis print pillow with matching lamp scones on either side? Tres chic, and utterly grown up enough to be me.

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