Friday, June 11, 2010

Diary Entry: Busy Busy Girl

Last minute before the weekend I am about to shut down my computer and boss says 'can you send out inviatations for next Sunday?' Coffee and cakes and my lovely formatting may apply. Wedding blogs, I steal your designs, forgive, and ask for the pleasure of so and so's attendance.

Today was just for relaxing after the crazy week of shifting we did, first, to be safe from the hurricane, next, to be closer to work (after an REALLY horrible incident where one member of OPNO was molested on a basia bus), and my new apartment STILL is waiting the final details so my funriture was moved in but.... there is still much to be done. Ahhhh!!!

So there were the job interviews and flitting from hotel to hotel, there was finishing proposals for work, visiting friends in Mutrah (and I DO hate picking out the colour of a guy's dishdasha trim---honey, I really don't care if you choose orange or pink!!! Just get on with it! [I am totally like a guy when it comes to shopping for anything other than women's clothing and my own home]).
Today I am eating cake and watching the world cup opening ceremonies. I am cheering for Mexico, France, Spain, and the Ivory Coast. Spain is my favourite.

And of the quote above, in my country, we have a saying too: "Your real friends are the ones who help you move." Thank-you M, M, C, Y, Y and :p to you KH lol.

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