Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daily Diary: Moving DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last, I have my own space. M you can come visit (I know a dozen 'M's and 'Y's and 'A's and, M, from Jordan lol, and of course L & B.) now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving day had finally come and gone and so an array of thanks are in order:

Thank you Y and M for storing my stuff and your generosity of not letting me pay for rent or food (besides that 1 night of Mexican and my 'Canadian cookie' baking experiment). Rescuing me last min., carrying a heavy couch and storing a bunch of books in your trunk for a month. Cooking for me, cleaning for me, rescuing me from evil taxi drivers, teaching me how to unlock doors, letting me use your internet, and changing your lifestyles around so I would fit and not be bored. May Allah reward you and may I return the favour one day;).

And thank you C, for the utterly unexpected generosity of gifting me your glamorous King size bed with the headboard I always dreamed of, all your dishes, a stainless steel kitchen set, a library, and closet full of Zara as well as a few other technological goodies. Oh yeah, lol, and the lovely Omani jalabiyias and abaya, and souvenirs from your travels. Allah was good to me when Y answered my cry for help and showed me your place, you, the girl that flew in on the same flight I flew out on all those years ago. Shows you some things are meant to be:D. Whatever others might have said about you being all this toughie, in helping me you revealed you are more than what anyone knows. I hope all your dreams in the US come true. And any of your stuff you want back when you come back, I'll keep for you;)
And thank you A, for your kindness in searching for jobs for me, and Y, and Y (all my Omani home boyz lol---not really---we just met---and you had no reason to worry or care so much about me other that we are all Muslims).

And thank you Y and M, both of you offering me your TVs, and Y, for the CD player you will eventually bring over since we are both terrified I am going to go nutso living with so much room for me to roam and no one to talk to lol. I'll miss movie nights and your Turkish coffee and midnight chai chill outs. Thank you both for putting up with incessant speaking and only smothering me with a pillow once [Y] during a movie that I talked the whole way through.
I finished unpacking today, though of course there are still many things to do. I realized I need more hanngers cuz I never expected all C's clothes. So many projects, lol, but I love that, and prefer to be busy.

And thank you M, for offering to drive to and from work everyday, and even home for lunch, and introducing me to your wife who you adore;). I adore her too btw, how you two talk cars in Arabic LOL.

So there, I am basically set, for the life that I always wanted, minus only a few simple ambitions. Alhamdulilah, and all praise be to Allah, and thank you Allah, for giving me such people. Whenever you take something from me that I like You replace it with something better.

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