Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daily Diary: Cleaning and Blood

I have been so busy moving boxes, sorting through things (I finally painted those shoeboxes to organize things with) and I basically washed the entire stairway leading up to my place and outside the house, dusting, sweeping, scrubbing the floors, ect. Hot work in this heat, and no ac on the rooftop or in the stairway.

I wanted to put pillar candles in clay pots on the side of each stair, and fill with water, and have floating water and candles in them. Soooooooo pretty at night.
I also wanted to repost on the issue of blood, like fellow Omani bloggers: Oman has two major blood issues. The first is blood disorders. In my home country, blood tests were requirements before marriage to see the compatibility of partners and prevent diseases in their children. Because of very close genetic ties in some Omani marriages and lack of awareness about hereditary blood disorders like Sickle Cell or Thalassemia, many suffer, and such suffering could be averted with more awareness.


It being World Sickle Cell Day this week, I thought I'd post on it.

The second issue concerning Oman, is lack of blood donations. People need to donate blood in Oman. I tried but being under weight they said no to me. You cannot get any diseases by donating blood. Not nearly enough blood is needed in Oman for operations and daily procedures. People need to be educated about donating blood, the benefits, and why it is necessary.

Fact: If you are a man who donates blood on a regular basis is INCREASES your health concerning your heart. Studies have proven this.

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