Sunday, November 7, 2010

Street Style: UAE abaya edition

Always on our best dressed list for the 3baya crowd, the Emirati lady above:

And got to love the purple satin sleeve of the abaya below:
And while I am not loving the purse...
....Love the fabric, and love the cut, plus the rose detail at the waist.
Cool sleeve on the right.
Very elegant.
Awesome print on top of well cut abaya.
Great accessorizing with a simple bronze trimmed abaya gown.
While this abaya loses points for being too tight, I love the pink trim matched to the Birken.
Way cute cut on the abaya with a courdinating clutch.
The bold 70s print and wide sleeves appeals.I love the jersey fabric trim and the colour.Blue satin trim with a matching satin dress underneath. Love the baby blue!K, I like animal prints, so I like this, but I don't like mixing TWO animal prints. I'd wear it different. Arab women like to mix animal prints and florals. I really like the French print and simple trim on the shayla.
The cut of this one, and the colour make it my favourite of the lot.

BTW, if you are an Omani girl and want to contribute to our street section, just take a picture of yourself with your head cut from the shot so no one knows it's you;)

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