Friday, November 19, 2010

Eid Mubarak, and as always, the Shebab and their culture

Ahhhhh, my stupid firewall no longer lets me upload photos.

Belated Eid Mubarak AND National Day to all followers and stumble-upons.

So news, I have none for you, because as a good Omani girl, lol, I am rather out of the loop without my shebab's constant updates, which kinda sucks. They'll tell me if a hurricane is coming and what colour of alert the ROP is on, but other than that, they respect/fear my husband too much.

Which is kind of funny. Since he encourages me to be in the loop, as long as I talk to no one about personal things or meet face to face.

Which reminds me of a thing another Omani blogger and I were talking about, to do with our shebab pre-marriage.

We both talked about how much the guys really helped us out (the ones who just wanted to aid a sister in Islam not date her or coerrce her into marriage). How they'd give us money for little things, and we'd both be like, "I'm good. Wallah, I don't need it." And they'd be like, "take it, buy yourself some perfume." Cuz you know, any GCC girl WOULD DIE without her perfume, LOL!!!! But we girls, surrvivors that we are, can live without perfume. We wouldn't shrivel up and die without it, nor start to reek.

If we ever took the money, you'd bet we didn't buy perfume with it. Or a new crystallized cover for our laptop, lol.

Anyways, hmmm, let me think if I can think of anything else interesting to write about?

I want to do an Islamic via cultural post on abuse in Islam. But not abuse of women.

Drat! You Islam haters MUST be disapointed.

No, a post about abuse BY MOTHERS, on their children, in a society that regards mothers with the highest form of respect (higher even than husbands and fathers). I know men that have been abused by their mothers, and daughters, and in this culture, it is almost always, "under the feet of the mother is paradise". Which is true, in Islam, but that doesn't mean a child deserves to be kicked and stomped on (litterally) by an mentally disturbed Mother's feet. But I'll do that post soon.

So, on that (rather disturbing but very media-culture in tune note) I shall leave you now: to be continued.

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