Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Day

College is Closed for the Next 2 day... or until further notice (I like how they added that). I can say I was not expecting that, mostly dew to the fact I called an hour before my first class to ask if they where still open and they said yes. When I got there their was a little peace of paper on the door saying the above "Closed as of 1pm on Nov 22 for 2 days or until further notice". Gota love that eh. I walked by it at first but did a 180 when I figured there was a 50 50 that is was classes being cancelled. If not it did not really matter if I was another 5 min late for class. I texted a friend over at the other campus to see if it was also closed, and yep it was, but since everyone was already there they went ahead and had class any ways. Did I mentchan it is project time? Today was the first presentation day so I think it should be interesting if classes are still out on Wed. The professors will not be happy. I will, more time to refine things. lol. ... but less time to lean whats on the finals. I need to go over last weeks exam also to see what I did wrong and that was going to be today... But next time inshallah. Anyways Im off to go work on backed up reading and fly down hills on plastic sheets and bagged out garbage can lids (most likely in the morning)

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