Sunday, November 7, 2010


I can hardly believe it. ALHAMDULILAH!!! Next week (or the following) I am moving into my new home, a villa next to a farm (close to the city) where I get to keep camels (yes, until I can save for horses, and because I promised my friends from back in the West if they come to visit me they can ride camels to their hearts' content), where I can ride close to the beach. Though my husband said he WILL divorce me if I insist on riding into town on a camel to get my groceries when I have an Omani driver. Which I ONLY JOKED about doing. I never would. I am not THAT majnoonah lol. BTW, I am no rich spoilt girl, I worked hard, and pay for this MYSELF:D praise Allah. Kh and B will likely remember the girl who came to Oman bearing one suitcase stuffed with two ballgowns, one feather pillow, one blanket, a pair of rollarblades, one box of photos, many lipsticks lost to an Omani man's insistance that OPNO looks better without lipstick, and a toothbrush. She stubbornly subsisted on schwarma, raman noodles, and lemons (the lemons she pinched off of her neighbor's trees stealthily) until she found a good job, with much thanks ado to the couchsurfing community in Muscat, Y, C, KH himself, and Al F clan who mistook me for a forgotten cousin last Eid. Also Suburban for cheering me up with her wonderful posts+CB;). All the shebab, for ur wasta, lol, that got me this far. Yes, I would have lived in a tent situated on Seeb roundabout rather than go back to my country:) such is my love for your land that you would trade passports with me anyday for, would our governments allow.

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