Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Harry Potter

Salam alikum all, Inshallah you have all been well. Life here roles on with school becoming more and more hectic. I have one day off in which I plan to clean like crazy for Friday. The new Harry Potter move is out and its good. The movie is hole lot darker then the first few movies and easily the most deaths in one two. Young children under I would say 10 should not go. Just like the book, as the charaters got older so did the situations. There was even a vary oddly placed semi love scene that I totally do not remember from the book. The hole time I kept thinking, add more smoke! Add more! My friend beside me was laughing on how ocword it was. There is a nice little dance part that is about 2min long that will sick with you for a while after the movie ends. The song happens to be quite catchy. kinda a 70/60 mash sound. I am not familiar with the song and have Southern Man on repeat in my head so I am no help as of now. The Ron character, besides the dark parts even adds hummer throughout as a needed comic relief to the darkness, even when he himself is portraying a darker aspect of his character. I have somehow turned this into a movie review, go figure. Its only the first half, so there is another one to come. The last one. I for one am wondering how much of the ending will be done or if it will be changed. I am not trying to spoil anything, but really if you have not read the book by now and read something that spoils it for you, ya well its your fault then. Go read. Its good for you after all!

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