Friday, November 12, 2010

The "Idiot" and the Administrator: Quote of the Day

MOP to OPNO last Wednesday: "There was an administrator coming to assess one of the schools' teachers and his car broke down, so he was running very late. He took it to every garage to fix it but no one knew what to do. This little local boy kept following the adminstrator around saying he could fix the car, and at first the administrator laughed, like, there is no chance, but the boy said, give me some water and this tool and five minutes. The administrator let the boy, who'd followed him around all morning, and to his surprise, in five minutes, the car was working again. It then occurred to the adminstrator, how lucky he was that this boy was around, since usually boys this age would be in school at that time of day, so he asked the boy, 'why aren't you in school today?' The boy said:

"There is some kind of administrator coming to our school today, so my teacher sent away all of the bad students."

The boy grinned to denote his status as one of the stupid ones, which clearly, he was not.

The administrator was rather pleased his car broke down that day and asked the boy "what is the name of your teacher?"

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