Friday, November 26, 2010

Queen Elizabeth the II formally greeted yesterday with the Prince of Edinburgh

Muscat arrival on the 25th of November.
With Omani Deputy Prime Minister Fahd bin Mahmud al-Said upon her arrival at Muscat on November 25, 2010 And since I just moved and have no sattelite I missed the Queen's arrival ceremony on OmanTV. I heard it was something I would have enjoyed, via all the traditional Omani women's dress donned. If anyone has pics, send me:)
She TOTALLY looks like my Grandma and dresses te same too!
Prince Philip.
Parade outside Al Alam palace. Below: workers getting ready for the Royal Treatment.
Omanis rejoice:
My father: "If these people are excited about the Queen, these people must be bloody bored."

OPNO: "I think it's kinda cute."

My father: "Well you like to live in that Colonial mind-set sandbox."
ABOVE, His Majesty presents the Royal couple with a gift. His Highness seems to like it but Her Majesty is like, ah, another gold vase, ho hum. Curb appeal, your Majesty Baba Qaboos, curb appeal!
But the Omani answer? Who NEEDS curb appeal when you can buy two things! This time a fabulous faberge-esque gold egg. Her Majesty likes this one better!
Alas, the British gift, looks a bit shabby in compare, a silver framed picture of Her Majesty and His Highness, presented to Baba Qaboos. Does he look disapointed? Please forgive me, all, I am just playing! Her Majesty the Queen at her state dinner.
And of course, the Royal photo op.

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