Saturday, May 10, 2008

What I got - Saturday Shopping

Today I went on my regular Saturday thrift hunt and while the sales weren't as abundant as the last time I went, I still got some good stuff. This was a case of quality over quantity I guess. I'm on vacation now (whispers a silent thank you prayer) so I have a lot more time and energy to devote to retail therapy.

At the first sale I got a skirt and also a leather bag that the owner told me she bought for over $100 but never used it. Pity, but it's mine now haha!

At the second sale, I got a hat and a little purse from what I thought was a sweet old lady until she tried to sell me a mini April 2008 Marie Claire magazine for $5, non-negotiable. Fat chance! Yeah, I'm that ...ahem...frugal. At most garage sales I go to, used and much larger magazines sell for around 50 cents.

I took my hat and purse and left a happy woman with my $5, which I used later to buy a ring from a store.

Ah well, I still ended up spending it.

N.B BDS $1 = US $0.50

Pleated black and white skirt - BDS$3

Red and silver cocktail ring - BDS$5

Green netted hat - BDS$5

Navy houndstooth purse - BDS$5

Hieroglyphics Leather Purse - BDS$10

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