Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fashion Inspiration - Lightning Bolts

Although it was not my favourite dress at the Met's Costume Gala, I did find the lightning bolts on Lake Bell's Balmain dress quite interesting. Sure the letter S and bats are great but they're so overdone. Lightning bolts are the new way to go for superhero inspiration!

photo courtesy fabsugar.com

The lightning bolt is the trademark motif of superhero, The Flash who was first introduced by DC Comics in 1940. Since then, the Flash has made many transformations through various artists but has retained the characteristic lightning bolts. On a completely unrelated topic, that Flash has some gorgeous eyes and an exceptionally chiselled jawline. Yeah, I need to get out more....

photo courtesy wikipedia.org

Though not a common motif used in fashion, lightning bolt shape was used as a shoe heel in the Dsquared Fall 2008 collection. Aren't these shoes fantastic?!

photo courtesy style.com

Don't want to have to resort to subsistence living? No worries, you can also make a statement with this cool symbol with these affordable options.

Neon Lightning Checks Tee
Price: US$10.50

Vintage Retro Lightning Bolt Silvertone Brooch
Price: US$6.00

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