Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Post about Non-TV tv in Oman pt. 1

Has anyone noticed how there are four whole channels on Nilesat TV dedicated to showing pictures of camels? My roomie complains of how there are ten channels spouting men in thobes dancing with sticks and/or camel pics with some dude screaming Arabic poetry. But I like men in thobes dancing with sticks, LOL.
But I do not think this is so different than bad TV in my homeland. Back in my country we have a channel dedicated to a fire. 24 hour log burning on the fire. Every now and then you'd see an arm put a new log on the fire. And during Easter they had 24 hr bunny rabbits jumping on the grass, hopping about. Camels are more interesting than rabbits, in my humble, and wholly unpatriotic opinion.

There is also this Egyptian channels that plays music, but no music videos (no shame, Oman has a SOOOOOOOO many Arabic music video channels), just this spinning logo.

I watch OmanTV. Sometimes they play handball matches. Sometimes they talk about selling coal to Japan (or something like that---it waaaaas pretty boring). At four in the morning they have shots of Nizwa on repeat. I may BE THE ONLY PERSON of my aquaintance that does, and my aquaintances are of a large majority Omani. Omanis complain about OmanTV being boring.

I also watch random Kuwaiti soap operas and make up a story for what I THINK is happening. This isn't really non TV because I know a lot of Emerati and Saudi ladies who watched these shows back in my country off the net, but I do have a serious question to pose---- why do Arabic music videos have better production values than TV dramas??????

I also (I am a prude, so I am not being sarcastic) love how kisses are edited out of every show BUT those on Fox, but I am miffed how they can leave someone blatantly discussing sex (something far worse than a cartoon kiss) but then cut the scene from Shrek where the Princess kisses the Ogre. Which is sort of an integral plot point. Alluhuallim, LOL.

I also find the voice of the man that tells you what shows are about to be on in Arabic on Fox to extremely creepy. That is just me.

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