Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the book

So I have decided to start writing a [FICTITIOUS!!!!!] short novel inspired by the online travel diaries of four ex-pat friends of mine, two Omani girls, a rather stereotypical group of Omani guys LOL, and some common themes we've all experienced [love, the Gulf culture, marriage, race, country Islam, freedom] and I've set it in Oman. I intend to post a third of the story online, the first few posts on this blog and the rest continued on a private-invite-only one, and if you like it, LOL, and want to find out what happens to my cast of zany and stereotypical characters, you'll have to wait and buy the book.

*slavery was abolished in 1970 in Oman and I know no actual slave (this story idea started as a joke made by a group of friends)

Nothing is meant to resemble actual people and their lives, and if anything seems to, events have been highly dramatized, and several people combined into one another ect... for my delightful novella. Enjoy (inshaAllah).

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