Friday, February 5, 2010

Dumb Things Omani Men Have Said pt. 2

(Some of these are from my friends)

Omani cab driver (ABOUT 80): "I am very good with the ladies. I only take ladies in my taxi. Can I marry you?" My friend's reply: "You can, but I won't!"

Guy from Salalah: "I want to make a friendship with you." My friend's reply: "I don't know how to make a friendship, I'm sorry."

A friend of ours: "Women expire at 25." "So we are like milk?" "I mean, um, uh, Arab women." My friend: "I'll start collecting my cats now then, thank-you." Her response didn't translate, but he got it from our glares.

Random Arab guy: "L'smat ya ukti! Blah blah more arabic and something to do about asking my name." Me: "I don't understand you. I speak English." "Are you Morrocan?" "Yes, that is why I am speaking English instead of French or Arabic!"

A friend of ours: "The job of Omani men is to save women!" It was just the way that he said that made it so funny.

A doctor: "You are from Kenya?" My friend: "No, Canada." "Is it easy to immigrate there?" "I don't know, I was born there." "It is a nice country yes, I want to know, do they need doctors?" All before asking my friend WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HER ON OUR VISIT TO HIS CLINIC!!!!

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