Friday, February 19, 2010

Canada Eh?

I was just commenting on a friends post and it reminded me of a few funny things that have happened when visiting doctors in Oman. On my last visit I tried to see the regular nice women doctor that is immigrating to Toronto at some point and asked me question after she had diagnosed me before giving me a shot. People like to give shots out here. But she was not there, instead I had a male doc who the first things out of his mouth where

doc "where are you from"
me "Canada"
doc "Kenya?"
me "no Canada"
doc "born there?"
me "yes"
doc "Original Canadian" (meaning what about your parents)
me "yes"

So this went on for another min before the fun of saying what was wrong with me.... after the 6th time repeating everything, him pocking the thing I just said was hurt and me trying to not give him a uppercut, I got a proscription but before he handed it over the regular, I have applied to move there, what is rent like? How much is food? What is the weather like? Is my English good enough? Where should I go? and so on and so on. I am thinking on making a business card with an addy for a website and a website with answers. With most people I am ok with answering this but this time I just wonted something strong to knock out the pain for a bit cuz I had a hand ball match to go to. Good to note a week later I was ok. At least he was a good doc and did not miss diagnose me 3 times like 2 moths ago. I really like that woman doc. They have also stopped asking for my fathers name there, mostly cuz the girl behind the desk gets confused with my name. I have been to the doctors 8 times in Oman.

3 times to see someone ells
1 time for a throat infection (there was a big H1N1 thing going around)
1 time from eating something in Dubai that lasted almost one month before getting the right stuff.
2 times for the wrong diagnoses (cry)
1 time for walking into the wall when cleaning my ear with a Qtip (blood is bad), 3 days later I nearly punched the doc for touching it.

that is only from Nov lol,

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