Sunday, February 14, 2010

Furniture Essential for Oman: the Wardrobe

I have been shopping around Muscat for the perfect wardrobe/armoire. Most of the nice ones are purchased in full bedroom sets I LIKE ranging from 720-1500 rials. Ones I don't like, are of course, and tragically, less. I have just started checking used, like the boards at Al Fair, and I found fair Al Fahmy wardrobe for 50 rials. I like but I am waiting for my friends to drive me out to Wadi Adai, a few places in Mutrah, and Seeb.

I am a fan of the ones from Morocco and Syria (inlaid, painted, ect). I also like dark wood ones. I am a more traditional girl, so I can't pull off those modern laquered things (which you can find at better prices here).
Few houses in Oman come equipped with closet space so buying a good wardrobe is essential. Since most of the clothes I wear day to day have to be hung (jalabiyias, party dresses, caftans, and abayas) I need a lot of hanging space so the wardrobe is perfect!
Unfortunately, I am picky, and everything I like costs a fortune, and some things are just waaaaay to tacky here. Pink sparkly glitter on dark wood????? WHY?!!!!!!

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