Friday, February 19, 2010

MashaAllah, what a beautiful home!!!!

I remember going to a Syrian friend's home and thinking, mashaAllah, what a beautiful home. Everything went with everything and was just sooooooo colourful without being tacky that I loved it.
Note, her walls and rooms weren't bare, despite the lack of living images (an Islamic concept) on the walls, and the prints and colours balanced against the traditional shapes of the furniture.
The odd accessories and light fixtures fascinated, and intrigued...
Everything smelt like bukhoor (inscense) ...
And even the cabinet had a detail, an ornament hanging from its hinge... a simple tassel.
Warmth. Who wouldn't want to wake up here?
The beaded fringe on the lamps....
To the curl of the dressing room.... MashaAllah what a beautiful home!

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