Monday, March 2, 2009

What I did and Forgot!

So its now monday, 1:01 am that is. For today I have planed .... um not sher. But yesterday I did have fun. I woke up late, missed judged my time and got a ride to the bus from a kind nabber. She was a real life saver. She is my friends mom, She has always been there when you lock your self out of the house or just need a cup of tea. I met her doter that i have been friends with for 8 going on 9 years with when she locked herself out and had to watt for her mom to come home. It was an slow start but we soon released we both liked playing with lego and other off the wall things. To note we still play with lego. But back to how my day started, after a drive to the bus that I made with 2 min to spare I whet to get my bus tickets and released I had left them at home in my rush to leave, so a searched my bag for 2.25 desperately, all I was thinking was that I would have to make the 20 min walk home and tell them I forgot to bring stuff to get on the buss. Worse I thought I was letting down people and no way to tell them. Luckily I had some money left over from when i bot breakfast the other day (lamb gyro). As I got on the bus the driver must have seen me searching in a panic throw my bag, he covered the slot with his hand and asked in a confused voice " where is your card?" I replied confused "I forgot my tickets" at home. He told me "thats ok, you can just go" and handed me a transfer. I just looked for a sec saying "are you sher you don't wont me to pay?" I have to say I was thinking "Wah?!" the hole time. He refused to let me pay, I thanked him. Man he was a life saver too. Not only did the but get there on time he was a grate driver, waiting for the little old lady to sit down before he started driving again and slowed down slowly as she got up to get off. I made it to the mall one min late, much better then I had thought. As of late I have stopped looking at the time when I am on the bus. You cant change what is going to happen, so its better not to stress over being late. Before I headed off to the final destination of the day I released wile on the bus I had forgotten 2 other things. One being food, the other girly stuff. So I did a quick stop off at London Drugs and then Starbucks for 2 sandwiches on the go. I know I went to Starbucks but its the only place that had anything close to healthy non milk food there. As I walked over to the arena, stuffing my face with a tuna rap, I meet people I had not seen in a long time. It was like this all day. Not to mention new people, I had know idea there where so many muslim family in town. So there I was only 15 -20 min late for helping out at the muslim family day. Not bad if I say so, I have out lated the Egyptian ladies more then once. Witch I am told is impressive in ways lol. So I found the spot where I was to help out for the next few hours, what was more fun was that I got to do it with a friend. running up and down the bunchy bunji was a blast. I had so much fun and from the laughs I head I think people did too. It may have also helped I had a ibuprofen as soon as I got off the bus knowing how loud it was going to be. I avoided a major headache witch kicked in right after I left. Headed home and had dinner with a friend. Pasta. And continued my adventure with henna. I am now covered on both legs with random little drawings, my inner arm and my hand. My friend got a hand done. So that is way I am writing this insert. It is something to do wile waiting for my henna to dry, it has and it looks good.  that was my day... wow thats a lot to read.. guess its time for cute with chris!

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