Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh yes it comes in many flavors

Today I was searching around the net as i rested my neck after giving myself a mild case of whiplash. That is one reason I will never go bungi jumping. I will jump out of a plane, off a cliff, out a window and hopefully all with a parachute. But bungi jumping just seems like a bad idea, fall down and get wiped right back up. Nah I'll pass on that one. but back to my search, I tend to google funny pics when not watching cat related videos. Did I mention I'm a crazy cat lady in training. I do not think about baby names but cat names.....hahah no no I'm not that crazy yet. I don't even really think of baby names. though I kinda wont to put a ! in the middle of a name just to spice things up...there is something on my ruff. WTF..... um. Ok I'm going to have to assume it is my cat tiger cuz I tried looking up but it did not work out well. I needed up in a lib-ow side stand that looked vary funny and knocked over a lamp! where was I? Oh yes funny pics, I have found stuff that proves that the world is doomed. Oh yes whoever came up with these ideas must have thought to themselves "How do I speed up hart diseases and obesity at the same time?" Make bacon ice-cream? Yes! Bacon flavored Diet Coke? Yes! Bacon flavored toothpicks? Yees! Beacon mayonnaise?! Yes and it will be called Baconnaise!  ....ok now there are many more bacon flavored things but you get my point. Its crazy the type of things that they have come up with. As a muslim I am amused by this. Its gross but I cant stop laughing. Only in America. 

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