Friday, March 6, 2009

McDonalds Techno?!

Ok I am no fan of McDonalds by any means what so ever. I find the food gross and the smell never leaves. But i think what really did it for me was the time I at it one summer and a half eaten burger fell behind my desk that I did not know about, Gross enough as is but when I was cleaning and found it a few months later there not only was no smell but the lettuce was still green. A little shriveled but green. there was no mold or anything bad like that. It seemed like it did not even age. Now that i think about it. If i had not looked behind my desk how long would it have gone unnoticed?! What made me think about all of this was a vid I saw on Youtube about 4 year old burger from Mcdonalds. Real or not it makes you question. Its been about 5 yeas or so since I have eaten a burger there and I plane to keep counting the years. But I did find this funny crazy techno vid.. its worth a watch...if only just once. 

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